Themes  of joint  activities and the conditions  for utilizing the results achieved, property rights, and arrangements for specific visits, exchanges and other forms of cooperation will be negotiated for each specific case.  The exchange of students, staff, and faculty will be operated in accordance with procedures mutually agreed upon by both Institutions.

Both Institutions understand that financial arrangements for all types of cooperation and exchange shall be negotiated on a case by case basis and will depend on the availability of funds.

It  is  understood  that  this  memorandum  of  understanding  represents  a  statement  of principles of the interaction between the Institutions and is not a legally binding document.

The Center for Global  Field Study at the  University of Washington  and the  Faculty of Animal Science at University of Andalas subscribe to the policy of equal opportunity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, national  origin,  or  disability.    Both  Institutions  shall  abide  by these  principles  in the administration of this agreement.

This memorandum of understanding shall become effective upon the date of signature by the representatives of the Institutions and shall be reviewed for extension in five years. Either Institution may terminate the memorandum by giving one month's written notice to the other institution.



Padang, July, 24, 2013                                                                                             fakulty of Animal Science

 :AnTAr   for Global  Field Study iversity      of Washington                                    Universitas Andalas




Randall C. Kyes, PhD Director, CGFS Research Professor                                                 Dr. Ir. Jafrinur, M.SP






between  the








In  accordance   with  a  mutual  desire  to  promote   international   cooperation   between  the United   States   and  Indonesia,   the  Center   for  Global   Field  Study  at  the  University   of Washington    (CGFS)   and  the   Faculty   of  Animal   Science   at  University   of  ANDALAS (FATERNA,  UNAND)   join  in the following  memorandum   of understanding  for educational and scientific  cooperation  in the areas of global  health, agriculture  and the environment.


Both  Institutions  will  encourage   direct  contact  and  cooperation   between  their  students, staff, and faculty  members  subject  to the provisions  of this memorandum.


The  CGFS  and  FATERNA   UNAND  shall  cooperate   in fields  of teaching,   research,  and outreach  service  to  be  agreed  upon.    Cooperation   in other  areas  may  be  arranged  by mutual memorandum.


Within the fields of cooperation  to be mutually  designated,  both Institutions  agree to the follcrMng general  forms of participation:

 1. Joint educational/training  opportunities  for students,  staff, and faculty

 2. Joint research activities  (and publications)  for students,  staff, and faculty

 3. Joint outreach service  opportunities  for students,  staff, and faculty

 4. Exchange of invitations  to students,  staff, and faculty for lectures, talks, and sharing  of experience

 5. Exchange of invitations  to students,  staff, and faculty to participate  in conferences, colloquia  and symposia

 6. Exchange of information  in fields of interest to both Institutions

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